miMaO Business Project

Since we started in 2016, many have been the companies that have asked for exclusive plans to dress their teams. Or maybe sometimes their team are big fans of miMaO and would love to wear comfortable shoes to their jobs. This is how miMaO Business was born.

If you or your team are MiMaO fans, you can get in touch with us so we can provide you with an exclusive code that can be shared internally. This way, any person on the team can enjoy the discount and wear miMaO at the workplace. This code will be unique and they will have 48 hours to place an order. The minimum order is 5 pairs.

The perfect option for big teams that want to wear miMao on a daily basis. You and your team can dress in a comfortable yet professional way in the workplace. From 10 to hundreds of pairs, we will study personally and prepare a customized budget for you.

This option is made for those companies that want a personalized collaboration. This way they can make sure that comfort is present within the workplace using their own logo or corporate colors in their MiMaO designs (Minimum order 100 pairs).

If this is something that can be interesting for you, you can get in touch with us at: empresas@mimao.es


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